This Top Executive's Digital Home Makes The Perfect Holiday Party Venue

It all starts with a fast and reliable internet connection.
This Top Executive's Digital Home Makes The Perfect Holiday Party Venue

Hosting parties and holiday celebrations can sometimes be a taxing responsibility for many top professionals. How does one busy executive stay on top of everything in the office yet still provide the perfect space at home for guests to mingle around during get-togethers? 

For Debbie Obias, marketing executive at Globe, everything starts with the press of a button—to clean her home, to switch on the air conditioning, and even to regulate the Christmas lights on the narra tree outside her home. 

Four years ago, Obias moved to her new home, furnished with all sorts of tech devices. “I just use my mobile device to control everything [at home],” she says. 

At the heart of her home is the entertainment area. No need to use a regular remote to switch anything on, especially when nearly everything is connected to the Wi-Fi at home. 

Obias says she just talked to her Amazon Alexa gadget, and the TV lights up, the air con blasts, the mood lights are set, and even the time is told. 

The smart TV takes center stage.

“In the past, I subscribed to a cable service, but I don’t use it anymore. I really prefer Netflix, and for telenovelas, I can access them via iWant,” Obias explains. When she invites friends and family over, her Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered provides access to an impressive portfolio of over 100 content channels, including Netflix, FoxPlus, Hooq, and DisneyLife.

For upgraded comfort when lounging at home, her Wi-Fi-enabled AC units are practical as well as convenient. “I can control the aircon from anywhere using my phone,” says Obias. “Sometimes, while I’m on my way home, I want the house to be cool as soon as I walk in. So 30 minutes before I arrive, I just turn on the aircon in different parts of the house from my phone to make it happen.”

Hooked around the house are several Wi-Fi-connected Sonos speakers, ideal for setting the right ambiance during large get-togethers, which OBIAS uses to play music from Spotify. When paired with Amazon Alexa, she or guests can command the device to play different songs, genres, playlists, and artists, which Alexa will play the through the surround-sound system.

In her kitchen, the way of the future shines bright with Obias’ robot vacuum cleaner.

"It’s powered by Wi-Fi, and I can access it via my tablet and command it to start cleaning," she says. "While preparing food for get-togethers, I can clean my floor simultaneously by activating the robot mop." The robot vacuum maps the floor area of the house as it moves around, and returns to its charging dock after cleaning.

All the devices in her home, including the Christmas lights, air conditioning units, speakers, mood lights, smart TV, speakers, Amazon Alexa, CCTVs, contact sensors on the windows, and even a high-tech bladeless fan by Dyson, are connected to her Wi-Fi. For these to work efficiently, a reliable and fast internet connection is needed.

“I am subscribed to Globe at Home with a speed of up to 200 mbps,” says Obias.

Her home was set up by Globe at Home’s dedicated Tech Squad, Globe’s team of network specialists who optimize all intelligent devices at home for subscribers to enjoy home living at its full potential. The Tech Squad also assists Globe at Home subscribers in installing and connecting intelligent devices and in recommending ways to expand Wi-Fi signal at home using TP Link.

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