The 5 Spaces in Your Home You Can Make More Elegant with Scented Candles

Elegance stimulates the senses in various ways.
The 5 Spaces in Your Home You Can Make More Elegant with Scented Candles

Elegance is more than just aesthetics; it’s a sensory experience. Truly elegant rooms are beautiful to behold, exquisite to touch, and—as many tend to forget—alluring in scent.

This makes scented candles an often-overlooked design element. Their transformative power is understated, but impossible to ignore when utilized well. If you want to add to the elegance of your home, consider using scented candles, as well as inspired fragrances from Jo Malone London’s Cologne Intense collection, in these five areas:

1. Nightstand

The warmth of a candle creates a deeper sense of intimacy at your bedside. When lit, the candle fills the atmosphere with comfort, as well as sensuality. Use a full-bodied candle like the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Home Candle, which balances amber and black orchids with cleaner notes from ginger and water lily to add an air of romance to the bedroom.

Pair it with fresh flowers and the English Pear & Freesia Scent Surround Room Spray to lighten and energize your mood during the day.

2. Bathroom

The bathroom requires a scent that is both relaxing and stimulating, perfect for unwinding or getting refreshed for the day. The Lime Basil & Mandarin Home Candle, which tempers the zest of lime and basil with thyme, invigorates at a leisurely pace.

Style the candle with earth tones and natural elements, like washed stones and bamboo, by the bathtub to complete a spa-like experience. You can add other body care products like the Tuberose & Angelica Body Crème on display for post-bath luxury, and finish things off with the lush profile of the Myrrh & Tonka Cologne.

3. Shelves

For shelves in the bedroom and the living room, opt for the Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Home Candle. When lit, the candle’s balanced scent wafts nicely from elevated areas, making you feel immediately at home. Create texture on your display by mixing and matching items of varying sizes.

For your living room, pair the candle with floral or woody scents. The Peony & Blush Suede Cologne offers a delicate accent to the candle’s headier notes, while the Oud & Bergamot Cologne makes it more intoxicating.

4. Kitchen

Kitchens should feel like a space for freedom, not chores. Highlight this with the meadowy scents of the Honeysuckle & Davana Home Candle, which open up the senses with notes of flowers, moss, and sunshine. Place the candle next to decorative bowls or houseplants by the stove or sink; this helps make the room feel a lot more open.

If you’re placing the candle by the sink, consider completing the display with a bottle of the English Pear & Freesia Body & Hand Wash. Form, after all, is always better when complemented by function.

5. Coffee Table

The coffee table, the ever-present furniture piece during casual conversations, will benefit most from scents that are just as stimulating as the discussion and complement the smooth, satiny notes of a good cup of coffee. The Velvet Rose & Oud Home Candle revitalizes the mind with the rich textures of Damask rose and oud wood, as well as the spiciness of clove.

Bottles of fruity or earthy scents—like Nectarine Blossom & Honey or English Oak & Hazelnut Colognes, respectively—help balance out the candle’s luxurious aromas with even more texture, should you need a change of pace. Keep these next to a small sculpture and treat the whole as a centerpiece.

For more luxurious ways to style your coffee table with scented candles, take notes from this video:

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