Holiday Table Inspiration from London, Paris, and Rome
Even if a glamorous holiday getaway isn't in the cards, let these cities set the tone for your holiday table.

Onefinestay is a luxury short term rental service that operates in cities all around the world. Eleonora Valle, its art director and chief stylist, shows us how to curate your holiday table like a native European.


A Parisian tablescape must be elegant, like all things French. Oysters are staple—they evoke luxury and indulgence. 

To achieve this look: "Mix golds and silvers to evoke Parisian glamour. Gold cutlery is unexpected and luxurious."

"Use gold-rimmed platters for the food, and select silver or gold ice buckets to chill the champagne and serve as practical but sophisticated centerpieces. Pine-cone garlands can also be placed around the table."

"Don't forget the oysters and fresh baguettes!"


Like most things British, the London tablescape is classic and traditional, with a bit of color to add personality.

To achieve this look: "You can be playful as you like with this setting—but remember to include traditional Christmas elements such as holly and ivy, red and white baubles and Christmas crackers." 

"Use a white tablecloth, cutlery, candle holders and glassware with a touch of silver. Crockery with different traditional patterns can be combined as long as they are the same color. To keep it classic, white candles are also a must."

"To present your mulled wine, choose a large bowl that contrasts with the color of the oranges. The glasses can be displayed on a mirror tray (this can be taken from your wall) with some mini-wreaths made from foliage."

"A clear cake stand is the perfect way to showcase your Christmas pudding. To top it off, add a bowl of whole walnuts and hazelnuts and a nutcracker—and don't forget the mince pies and kumquats."


Food and family are always the hearts of a good Italian meal; let them—along with Italy's rich history—inform your table.

To achieve this look: "Select a few fruits that are in season and arrange them as decor—to be eaten with dinner or not! Pomegranates, persimmons and figs are bountiful at this time of year, and lend beautifully bold and earthy hues to the table."

"Arrange a centerpiece in a wreath shape with wild foliage and then for a touch of color add red currants and a lemon—don't forget to display the panettone in all its glory!"


"If you want to really elevate the table, use marble crockery and warm glassware in different colors."

"Cutlery can also be tied with gold and white ribbon and placed at each setting."

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