These Are the Worst Interior Design Trends of the Past 50 Years

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Toilet rugs, taxidermy, and avocado bathrooms have been named the worst interior design trends of the last half of a century.

Other furnishing fails of the past 50 years include carpeted bathrooms, waterbeds, anything animal print and beaded curtains.

Commissioned by Samsung to mark the launch of its QLED TV range, a survey saw interior design experts create a shortlist of the worst offenders, before they were put to a public vote of 2,000 UK adults. The ultimate home-fashion faux pas was toilet rugs or furry toilet seat covers, which received 44 percent of the vote.

When it comes to interior design, some decades fare better than others: the 1970s was voted the most offending of periods by 38 percent of Brits after violations ranging from avocado-colored bathrooms to flying duck wall displays. The 1980s (22 percent) followed by its toilet rugs and pink bathrooms, while the 1960s failed to impress 19 percent of Brits who took issue with the lace doilies and clashing color scheme trends.

The study also revealed TV makeover shows, such as Changing Rooms and Home Front, were to blame for encouraging people to decorate their homes with rag-rolled walls and stenciling.

Daniel Hopwood, president of the British Institute of Interior Design, said: "I have lived through the '70s, '80s, and '90s and seen interior design trends come and go and it’s fascinating how our tastes have evolved over time. Toilet rugs, rag-rolled walls and TV cupboards should all be consigned to the dodgy décor history books."

The top 25 worst home horrors from the past 50 years, as revealed by Samsung:

1. Toilet rugs/furry toilet seat covers 
2. Taxidermy 
3. Avocado bathrooms 
4. Floral ‘chintz’ furniture 
5. Waterbeds 
6. Artex walls and ceilings 
7. Carpeted bathrooms
8. Rag rolled walls 
9. Tribal carvings, masks and wall hangings 
10. Stone cladding 
11. Animal print anything
12. Inspirational quote art stenciled on the walls 
13. Carpeted or textured walls
14. Beaded curtains 
15. Living room bars 
16. Bidets 
17. Round beds 
18. Professional family portraits 
19. Shabby chic anything 
20. Shag pile carpets
21. Wicker furniture indoors
22. Wallpaper borders 
23. Curtain pelmets 
24. TV cupboards 
25. Stenciled walls or decals


From: House Beautiful UK

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