Understated Luxury: The New Bathroom Design Details Reshaping Modern Lifestyles

They support our desire for something fast-paced yet gentle and sustainable.
Understated Luxury: The New Bathroom Design Details Reshaping Modern Lifestyles

For many of us, true luxury lies in the realm of subtle conveniences. While there is much to be appreciated in new technologies, more often than not, we find ourselves investing in the simple things that make our lives easier.

This includes the bathroom: an oft-overlooked, yet essential part of our home. Current trends have reconstructed our idea of the ideal bathroom into one with fixtures that blend seamlessly with busy lifestyles. They favor minor touches that bring a sense of ease into the experience, including the following:

Washbasins with Sleek Lines

A basin designed with narrower lines helps reduce visual clutter, making the bathroom feel more open. Models with subtle rims and storage areas give us a place to keep our toiletries while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.


Hassle-Free Drawers

Comfort and ease go hand-in-hand in bathroom design, placing a premium on furniture that promotes efficient movement. Drawers that open with a soft tap and close automatically make the room feel more restful.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Lighting fixtures that turn on and off based on our movements make things simpler and easier—and prevent us from groping for a switch in the dark. Look for mirrors that offer this feature; good lighting makes a huge difference when getting ready at any time of the day.


Rimless Toilets

Instead of flushing the traditional way—wherein water is shot around the bowl through openings in the rim—rimless toilets flush their contents by pumping water into the bowl itself. Not only do these toilets save more water, they are also less prone to bacterial growth.

Antibacterial Fixtures

Some modern bathroom fixtures are finished with glazes that actually fend off bacteria. This improves the room’s overall hygiene.


Innovative Toilet Seats

Not only should the ideal toilet seat evoke elegant design, it also needs to serve functions beyond comfort. The Duravit SensoWash® Slim, for instance, features shower jets that allow for maximum hygiene. The seat comes with a remote control that manages not only the strength and angle of each shower but its temperature as well.

Cohesive Design Between Fixtures

While the form and function of each fixture are significant considerations, we must also keep the bigger picture in mind. Each piece has to mesh both aesthetically and functionally with each other to create a truly pleasing space. Because of this, many discerning individuals have taken to selecting their bathroom fixtures from a single collection.

One such collection is the Viu series by premium German brand Duravit. Created with design company sieger design, the series features fixtures that combine soft, organic shapes with precise angles, creating an aesthetic that is both relaxed and orderly. With comfort-enhancing technologies such as those mentioned above, Viu aims to represent the bathroom of tomorrow’s homes: attractive, convenient, and comfortable.

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