A Peek into Minotti's Elegant 2018 Collection

Their modular sofa is the perfect addition to a modern living space.
A Peek into Minotti's Elegant 2018 Collection

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This year is a very special year for Minotti as it marks a breakthrough in the Italian brand’s evolutionary path. Having reached its 70th anniversary, a milestone that attests to its strong commitment to interior design, the company now presents a multifaceted collection that’s born from a project participated by four designers with design philosophies rooted in their cultural backgrounds: Nendo’s Oki Sato from Japan, Studio mk27's Marcio Kogan from Brazil, Christophe Delcourt from France, and Rodolfo Dordoni from Italy. Dordoni, who is celebrating his 20th year with Minotti, coordinated and curated the collection.

One of the most distinguished pieces is the Alexander seating system Dordoni himself designed. Inspired by rationalist and contemporary concepts, it’s composed of chaise longues and open sofas that can be combined and mixed with each other. The squared and curved modular elements create an intimate and enveloping atmosphere through L-shaped configurations and other geometric or linear interpretations. 

The modules can have high or low backrests, or a combination of both, contributing to the versatility of the system. The pieces with higher backrests create corners of intimacy in alcoves—perfect for resting as one reads a book or watches television. Meanwhile, the elements with lower backrests are designed to draw focus to the surrounding space or the other design elements in the room.

The Alexander features clean sartorial details: The seams are on the corner of the sofa and on the high back- and armrest; the central seam is placed on the backrest cushions.

The furniture looks like it’s floating as it is raised inches from the floor by light bronze-colored aluminum bars. It then conveys a sense of elegance and lightness.

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