An Essential Guide to Exotic Furniture Materials to Highlight Your Exquisite Home

Because home is where the art is.

Furniture choices say a lot about a person’s predilection to beauty and art, so as a homeowner you should make sure your home rings true to your liking and image.

From the door to the floor, the couch to the carpet, and the bathroom to the bed—the following materials embody luxury and exoticism, flattering the place where you live and highlighting your way of living an exquisite life.


For doors, beds, wardrobes.

American Cherry

Doors are the opening to one’s home and American cherry wood allows people a glimpse of a person’s elegant home life even before entering the house. It is renowned as a supreme hardwood species in the U.S. Easy to polish, American Cherry has a shiny effect that emphasizes opulence.

Brazilian Mahogany

Brazilian mahogany, valued for its deep reddish color, is used for cabinets. It’s also a staple for making pianos due to its durability and strength. Since early times, Brazilian mahogany has always been exotic and hard to obtain. With its shiny and strong surface, it brings an aura of sophistication to any given room.

British Elm

Boxes and chests full with sentimental curios convey a feeling of mystery. Such pieces of furniture when made of British elm pique curiosity into a person’s life and create an image of the owner’s refined taste in wood work. British Elm’s durability, size, and depth of beauty make a house more interesting and splendid.


English Oak

This wood is native to Eurasia but also cultivated in North America and Australia. It’s a great choice for making massive beds and sturdy benches. It has a light brown color with whitish grains, a touch that is simple in nature yet states a classical minimalist vibe.


A wardrobe made of an amazingly beautiful timber rosewood, with its silky layer, shiny veneer, and aromatic scent boldly establishes the homeowner’s plush lifestyle.


For flooring, bathtubs, grand foyers.


Some people would never consider walking barefoot, but the luxurious feel of breccia, with its beige shade of broken fragments will make anyone want their soles on this extravagant type of marble. Perfect for flooring, breccia will literally make people praise the ground you walk on.


Often considered as a sedimentary rock, limestone is a type of marble, which is a fantastic option to use to give your home bathroom the ambiance of a five-star hotel.

Polished Marble

Any house that claims to be of decadent flair has a grand foyer. For a richer and more luxurious appeal, using polished marble is highly recommended, as grand foyers are meant to be captivating.


For seat covers, tabletop covers, chairs.

Zebra hide

Stripe-patterned zebra hide is one of the most in-demand type of leather. Suitable for seat covers, it has beauty that is unmatched in nature.

Giraffe leather

Giraffe leather is an absolute rarity. Its brown-patched skin pattern, combined with its durable and flexible characteristics, creates an exotic table top cover.


Impala Skin

An impala is an antelope of medium size. A relatively rare leather, it is extremely desired. Impala skin makes luxurious chairs and is also great for wall décor.


For rugs, curtains, carpets.


Soft and fluffy rugs are indispensable at any posh home. Wool is the best fabric for such décor as it is strong and stain-resistant. It adapts to seasonal changes, reduces the intense heat of summertime and calms the biting cold come winter. 


Windows are the eyes of a house, and curtains accentuate the rare beauty of these “eyes.” Curtains exalt the atmosphere of a glamorous home. Polyester, with its colors and luxurious feel, makes impressive curtains and also resists stains with its hydrophobic fiber. 


A wonderfully patterned carpet is just as magical whether it flies or stays dormant. Olefin carpets resist moisture and the most colorfast of all fibers. One can never go wrong with selecting Olefin material as it expresses great taste and echoes exquisite beauty.


For patio furniture, gates, kitchen sinks.


Pieces of beautiful furniture aren’t confined to fiber, wood, tiles or animal hide. Metal, with its tenacity and durability, contributes to the deluxe nature of a marvelous house. Aluminum, alloy 5052 specifically, has an impressive weldability. It is perfect for patio furniture and alfresco chairs and tables because aluminum doesn’t rust.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron gates are usually preferred over wood for fencing because it is so hard to break. Wrought iron is also a good choice for fireplace accessories and rustic beds.



Kitchens either stink or stand out. In a homestead with rooms designed with furniture that make visitors do a double take, kitchens shouldn’t be excluded from the picture. Steel, especially mild steel, can be hand polished to produce a more luxurious finish. It is the perfect material for kitchen sinks and accent tables.

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