These Beautiful Funeral Urns Are Works of Art
Ever heard of designer funerals? Well, there are designer urns now.

No matter how chic you are throughout your lifetime, you do not know if this will carry on to your afterlife.

Here are some objets d'art to ease your mind about passing into eternity: beautifully crafted urns. 

With the number of cremations in the Philippines rising, Comfortscape saw the untapped market for finely made urns. “We noticed that there are not many choices of urns to encase the ashes,” says co-owner, Mari Bonoan Escano, “People would want something hat best pays tribute to the life and memory of their loved ones.”

Joining Mari, the trio behind Comfortscape include sisters Tina Bonoan and Mailet Bonoan Ancheta. They each used their respective talents to contribute to the growing enterprise. The idea came from a personal experience. “When our dad, then mom, passed, we were in grief and could not put our act together. We wanted something only they can have, something personalized,” shares Tina. “Luckily, our friends came to the rescue and brought our ideas to life. We then realized that we could help others in the same situation [and] in a unique and memorable way.” The one-stop shop also offers floral arrangements they call "floralscapes," accessories designed to create an ethereal space between this point and the next life.

The one-year-old company tapped artists to work on the urn designs. Tina, an architect and designer, worked with Joey de Castro for raku pottery, Impy and Isa Pilapil for marble and stainless steel pieces, Pidge Reyes for mosaic, and Tony Gonzales for wood. Tina, herself, crafted the urns from laminated shells.
The outcome was unbelievably beautiful.

Made of materials such as mother-of-pearl, in-laid mosaic pieces, and with an opalescent shine, each of the urns is as the sisters promised—personalized and unique. More than something that’s perceived as melancholy, the urns could fool anyone into thinking they were décor pieces or works of art. Take a look at some of our picks below:


For more information, check out Comfortscape's Facebook page or call +63.977.814.6375, +63.920.953.5301, or +63.917.899.1990.

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