How to Create Visual Harmony in Your Home

With technology and fine craftsmanship come comfort—the ultimate luxury.
How to Create Visual Harmony in Your Home

A beautiful home should not just include random aesthetics and design pieces; it should also have a sense of visual harmony. Interior designers achieve this through the careful application of proportion based on symmetry and the Fibonacci sequence. However, if you plan to design your own space, here are some things to consider:


The three-seater Fidelio sofa, designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, complements its surroundings with warm leather exteriors.

Color is the key to breathing life into any living space. And while you shouldn't limit yourself to one hue, choosing an "anchor" color can help unify your home's theme. After all, the other shades will depend on it.


The Re-vive is a practical investment for its intuitive, responsive reclining system—no levers, buttons, or electricity needed.

Each piece on display should have a purpose and contribute to the overall design. Nothing should be placed at random because it distracts from a harmonious theme.


(L) Natural light highlights the Philo sofa's accurate quilting, giving it an overall modern look; (R) while the three-seater Iago sofa's versatility allows it to blend with different kinds of indoor lighting.

Having ample natural lighting is best. You can also use bright LED lights to make an enclosed space look bigger. To add, good lighting brings out statement-making decorative pieces that otherwise won't stand out without it.


Create visual harmony by getting contemporary furniture pieces like the Scandinavian-inspired Svevo sofa that doesn't veer from your home's theme.

When you look at a room, your eyes should not be drawn to a heavy- or busy-looking area. The general rule is to not have many large objects against a dark wall opposite a light-colored wall with a few small objects. Pay attention to vertical balance by hanging plants and paintings as a counterpoint to all your furniture.

A beautiful living space is useless if it provides no comfort to anyone. After all, comfort is the ultimate luxury. It must be the purpose of good design. Italian furniture brand Natuzzi champions this philosophy, along with innovation and beautiful craftsmanship. That said, a few Natuzzi pieces will surely be meaningful additions to a visually harmonious home.

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