Why Discerning Homeowners Should Invest in Their Bathrooms

Comfort is just one of many reasons.
Why Discerning Homeowners Should Invest in Their Bathrooms

While their interiors may vary, beautiful homes have one thing in common: excellent bathrooms. These spaces must perfect the balance between form and function if the home is to be luxurious, comfortable, and welcoming. Here’s why they’re a worthy investment:

The bathroom is the most used room in any home.

Everyone needs to use the bathroom. It then makes sense to ensure the most visited space in the house is also one of the most pleasant. If you can, keep the floor space as open as possible to eliminate claustrophobia. Have soft lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere, and decorate with plants such as aloe vera, ivy, and succulents—they help freshen the air.

An elegant bathroom in every space is a service to guests.

You’ll notice in your own home that the playroom, the study, the dining room, and the bedrooms have their own bathrooms. Wealthy homeowners tend to invest in the quantity as well, desiring one bathroom for every area in the house. This set-up offers convenience to guests, since it saves them the trouble of getting lost or being away from smart conversation for too long.

Accidents must be averted.

Part of nurturing a family and treating guests well is keeping their safety in mind. When it comes to bathrooms, trouble arises when steps go unnoticed, the floor becomes slippery, or when showers and tubs are inaccessible for certain ages. Be mindful of your bathroom’s design and make the necessary adjustments to give all your guests the true experience of home.

A good shower is beneficial to your mental health.

Researchers believe a proper shower can help improve mental health. Showering in the morning has been found to increase mindfulness and alertness, reduce fatigue, and stimulate the body’s metabolism. All these have been found to help treat depression. Because of this, it is to your advantage to invest in an innovative shower system, like the AXOR ShowerHeaven. It was developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design and was built to last—with a 1.2-meter and 30-centimeter wide generous metal spray face, fine silicone nozzles, and retractable wings. It also has an ambient lighting system so you can make the most out of your shower.

A well-decorated bathroom sets the right tone to start and end your day.

Beyond having a consistent shower time, being able to rely on and admire the technologies and mechanisms that power your bathroom help highlight a stimulating or soothing routine—a key to success. A well-decorated bathroom with lustrous, hefty fixtures sets the right mood in the morning and at night.

The bathroom is a refuge.

Some of the most relaxing moments are spent in the bathroom. Perhaps you get a little bit of reading done as you go about your business. In the shower, you can enjoy the water best through AXOR’s latest ceiling-mounted rain shower fixture. The AXOR ShowerHeaven has three spray types to create the ideal environment for relaxation: A concentrated main jet in the middle stimulates the mind and body; expansive rain jets gently cleanse the skin; and a body jet using AXOR's patented PowderRain technology soothes the body with extra-fine droplets of water.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Axor.