Inside This New York Based Designer and Artist's Chic Showroom

You’ll want to buy everything in this sophisticated space.

On an unlikely street in New York’s Chinatown, London-born designer Anna Karlin has transformed a former print shop into a glowing haven for her creations, which range from jewelry to ceramics and furniture. “This is the first time I’ve had a space where my work has a complete context,” Karlin explains. “I’ve always had my little world, but that little world lived in my head—I could only control the environment so much. I wanted people to know what flowers we have around, what mug they would drink out of when they came over for a studio visit.”

Anna Karlin's ceramic and glassware collection is on display behind antique Scandinavian chairs.

Although the building was “an absolute dump,” Karlin immediately saw the potential when she came across it. Searching for a “wabi-sabi meets shaker” aesthetic, she selected some chairs from nearby Scandinavian antique gallery Dienst + Dotter Antikviteter and left a few of the building’s idiosyncrasies, like a door in the wall that leads to nowhere. She brought in newer designs from her studio and upgraded to modern comforts, even selecting a custom scent for the space.

Furniture and lighting by Anna Karlin.

One top priority was to have “a proper English kitchen” in her studio space. “That’s the dream right—to sit at your kitchen table and work? It was all about the old farmhouse table and creating a traditional-looking kitchen with a patina and warmth,” Karlin says. Visitors not only can see the designer’s range of work, but can meet with her one-on-one to discuss various projects (Karlin also works as a consultant and offers complete design services). The only issue Karlin might encounter now is that they will never want to leave.

The Layered dining table and chairs with the Large Spear pendant light.

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