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Read, Pray, Love: 15 Goals for the New Year by Our T&C Editor

We all hope to become better people in the new year.
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I must admit I haven’t made a list of New Year’s resolutions since fourth grade or so when we had to make a list of them as part of our homework.

But the past year was such a horrible one for the world that I’ve resolved to try to make this new year a much better one, even if only just for myself, and for the people who are part of my life.

My resolutions for the year. Will you please help me live up to them?

1. Eat healthier.

It's difficult to eat properly with a job that entails going to numerous events. So I skip certain dishes such as the second main course and dessert, and request a double serving of vegetables. I also resolve to limit myself to a glass of alcohol a day. Nurse it, baby.

2. Stay fit.

It’s always tough to stick to an exercise routine, especially when it's so tempting to sleep in a few minutes longer.  So I now have an exercise bike right next to my bed and I get on it as soon as I wake up. I check my e-mail and read the news while I’m on it, and before I know it my half hour is up. But really, it’s time to sign up for more Zumba and cycling classes too.

3. Sleep at least eight hours a day.

I have to go to many evening events even after a full day of work. After a late night, my mind stays awake. So I diffuse calming essential oils such as lavender and lemon, and I put my phone on silent. Now it’s just a matter of actually putting the phone down.

4. Reach out to old friends.

Every time I bump into an old friend, we tell each other, “we have to get together soon.” Of course we never do. So this year I’m going to pin down specific dates with them. When are YOU free for breakfast?

5. Make new friends.

Making small talk is tough but once in a while it leads to deeper conversations. I need to strive for that more often so that some of the many acquaintances I continually meet can become genuine friends.

6. Read more books.

I have piles and piles of lovely books just waiting to be read. Time to spend more time at home and read more.

7. Learn a new skill or a new language. Or a new dance.

Time to look up all those courses on Coursera. Haven’t taken a class since that online Astrobiology course two years ago. Maybe the dance resolution will be easier. Tango, anyone?

8. Clean up the clutter.

Ah, my Mom and my colleagues would love for me to stick to this resolution. I think this is one of the hardest to do. If only press kits would be paperless! (I don’t mind the samples though.) Time to throw things out, purge, cleanse, not just the physical, but the mental, emotional, spiritual.

9. Be positive.

There are so many things to be positive about in the world, so I must learn to embrace them. I am always happy to be around positive people and I would like to be that person other people are happy to be around too.

10. Remove the negative from my life.

Stay away from the ugly. I unfollowed and unfriended people on Facebook for the first time this year. I removed people who have been spewing hatred and poison. I cut off people who spread nasty gossip and waste my time. At this point I probably exist in an echo chamber, but it’s good for my own peace of mind.

11. Help people.

Be generous. I must strive to keep on volunteering and getting involved with advocacies. Or if there is no time, just donating to worthwhile causes. So many people whom we can help make happy.

12. Love local.

Filipino films. Filipino plays and musicals. Filipino art. Filipino food. Philippine fashion. Anything and every proudly Philippine-made. Mahalin ang sariling atin.

13. See more of the Philippines.

Why is it that I have been to more cities outside my own country than within?  There are so many cheap flights to so many destinations for a quick weekend holiday. Time to book those trips.

14. Look at the stars.

Every time I spend a day at the beach, I feel like I’ve been away a week.  I love seeing the sand and the sea. I love seeing the stars in the inky sky. Looking at the stars makes me realize how infinitely beautiful the universe is and how God created it all.

15. Thank God.

I do pray, but it’s usually to ask Him for things. For help, for guidance, for peace, for love, for good health, for happiness. I must remember to thank Him more often. For everything in my life, for the blessings and challenges. For all the people in my life. For my life.

Life is good.



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