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6 Fabulous Girl Friends You Must Have in Your Life

Every woman must have this set of BFFs.
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Over the holidays I got to catch up with some of my closest girlfriends—smart, strong, successful, amazing women. They are very different from each other, and I never see them all at the same time because they probably will not all get along. They are all wonderful women though, and I love them very much. I know that no matter what, they will always be there for me. These are the girlfriends every girl should have in her life.

1. The shoulder to cry on. The one you run to whenever you need to vent. She listens to you tell the same story over and over again, gives you tissues and hugs and tells you everything will be okay. No need for a therapist when you have a friend like her.

2. The rah-rah girl. She’s the supportive girl who reads everything you write, is present at important events and milestones in your life. She sends you positive text messages that tell you you’re the best. She’s your biggest confidence booster.

3. The tough love girl. She’s the one who tells you the brutal truth. The one who tells you to wake up and get your act together. She doesn’t sugarcoat things. She tells you to wash your face, shape up, and move forward. “You’re ugly when you cry, you know.”

4. The thinker. She’s the one who sits down with you and helps you analyze the incidents that happen in your life. She helps you dissect them and process them till they all make sense. She helps you understand what’s happening and move on.

5. The stand-up comic. She’s a laugh a minute. She’s funny even when she’s serious. You really enjoy talking to her even if you never really talk about anything substantial. Spending time with her makes you feel lighter and happier.

6. The party girl. The one who drags you out of bed, makes you wear red lipstick, high heels, and tops that show off your arms and collarbone. She buys you drinks and takes you dancing. She’s your wing woman too, and sends you actual resumes and photos of guys she wants you to meet. Never mind that they’re two decades younger. You go, girl.

Life is good.

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