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TOWN&COUNTRY is the authority on the meaning of modern society, and why it matters. These days, the families who represent the pinnacle of Philippine society are less likely to be found at society balls than at advocacy board meetings, dinners in town with private chefs, weekends in the country with their children, or flying or cruising around the world.

TOWN&COUNTRY showcases this seductive world of exceptional people and exclusive places, examining how the activities of these names and faces, their tastes and family traditions, status symbols and private clubs, important ideas and celebrated accomplishments, shape the very world in which we live.

TOWN&COUNTRY covers gorgeous homes; dazzling jewelry, couture, and the finest things made by hand; decadent, unforgettable meals; brilliant artists and spectacular performances; notable wedding celebrations and the most talked-about parties; ultimate travel and remarkable cars; beauty secrets and anti-aging breakthroughs; houses of legendary design and character; fashion, edited for iconic, stylish women and men whose clothes are the chic necessities of an ambitious life; and the behavior—for better or worse—of the one percent.

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