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This Iconic Watch Has the Finest Stainless Steel That Money Can Buy
And only 700 pieces of the anniversary edition are available in the whole world.

The 1970s were a decade fraught with social, political, and economic upheavals in most parts of the world; marked by discord for the most part, but also a pivotal global awakening of culture and technology. It was against this backdrop that Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe launched a now-legendary wristwatch: the Nautilus Ref. 3700/1A, made to celebrate the joie de vivre of its time.

It was 1976—all of 137 years since Antoni Patek started making wristwatches in Geneva—when Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus, its first-ever sports watch, designed as a casual yet elegant seafaring timepiece. Since then, of course, the Nautilus has seen several subsequent incarnations. To celebrate the Nautilus’s 40th anniversary, Patek Philippe has unveiled the latest in this line: the Nautilus Ref. 5711/1P and the Ref. 5976/1G.


Between the two, the 5711/1P is simpler, cleaner, and altogether a closer homage to the original Nautilus. It’s a straightforward time and date watch that runs on the caliber 324 S C movement. Its case and bracelet are solid platinum, a nod to the steel case that the original was known for in the ’70s—the first Nautilus was, after all, touted as the finest stainless steel watch that money could buy. The 5711/1P’s dial, which measures 40mm, is dark blue and made of 18K gold, with 12 baguette-cut diamond markers and a commemorative “40” engraving. This anniversary model is part of a limited edition of 700 watches which all come in a replica of the cork box that the first Nautilus came in.

On the other hand, the 5976/1G is a flyback chronograph in solid white gold. Like its predecessor, the Nautilus Ref. 5980, the 5976/1G runs on a CH 28-520 C movement. It’s larger than the 5711/1P, measuring 44m, with a dial and case that command more presence overall. It’s a little busier too, with a monocounter at 6-o’clock—but it bears the same colors and commemorative engraving as its partner. The 5976/1G also comes in a cork box but in a wider edition of 1300 units. Greenbelt 5, 756.0566.

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