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This Charm Brand Lets You Tell Stories Through Jewelry
Avant garde and innovative, the little charm is more than just chic jewelry. It's a new language.

The beautiful thing about a story is that you can tell it in so many ways—be it through actual words, a relic, a loaded look, a conversation. Take that concept and add a little jewel, and you have Dodo, an expansion line of the Italian jewelry brand Pomellato. Launched in 1995, Dodo has charmed the younger generation with its imagination, creativity, and, of course, gold. Named after the dodo, an extinct flightless bird from Mauritius, the jewelry maker has shown a devotion to nature and its protection, donating a percentage of its sales to the World Wide Fund for Nature in Italy.

Dodo pieces convey a message in each charm, a secret code between the giver and receiver that only they understand. Devised to be put together and taken apart according to one’s wishes, Dodo’s charms are inspired by the islands, where gems, shells, beads, and feathers are strung onto a thread according to one’s desires. Dodo offers the freedom to customize one’s own jewelry with charms in the form of large and small animals, letters, and numbers. The quintessence of self-expression, more charms can be added any time for the wearers to continually weave their own stories. In people'sefforts to be understood through different avenues of communication, Dodo makes such attempts simpler with jewelry pieces that whisper a language that many crave to hear. SM Aura Premier;

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