Gloria Vanderbilt Is Instagram's Newest 'It' Girl
We spoke with the 93-year-old-artist and socialite about her meteoric rise in followers and what she really thinks of her son Anderson Cooper's account.
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Instagram has always been the preferred social media platform of women in fashion.

Case in point: the medium's newest "it" girl: 93-year-old artist and socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, who started an account just weeks ago at the suggestion of her son, CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"Anderson had been showing me his Instagram account from time to time and explaining to me how it worked. I use email a lot and am addicted to my iPad, but only recently did I decide to take the Instagram plunge! I was hesitant but then thought, oh, what the hell, why not?" she told Town & Country via email.

Within days, she was hooked.

Anderson warned me that I could easily get sucked into it, waiting for those delicious 'likes' to appear! Boy, was he right.

"Well it’s like magic, isn’t it?" Vanderbilt said of the platform. "I mean, I have no idea how it all works, but I love the simplicity of it. You just post a picture and write something about it and suddenly people all over the world are able to see it and it touches their lives in one way or the other. It’s extraordinary. Anderson warned me that I could easily get sucked into it, waiting for those delicious 'likes' to appear! Boy, was he right."

"She thinks it is the best thing ever," Anderson wrote on his own account. "She has 30k followers and can't believe that many people would want to follow her. Now she emails me several times a day asking for advice about what to post next."

Since Cooper posted that message a week ago, Vanderbilt has amassed a remarkable 66, 000 followers.

"Anderson set up the account for me and when I joined he mentioned it on his Instagram account and then it was amazing, suddenly I started to get people following me. I had no idea anyone would be interested in following me. I mean maybe a few dozen people I knew, but suddenly 30,000 people were following me. I was floored. Then a couple days later, Anderson mentioned it again, and it went up to more than 60,000 people. Just amazing. Seeing that was like Christmas morning," she said.

Dick Avedon took this of me. I think it was in 1960. #TheSphinx #RichardAvedon

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"I have such fun deciding what I am going to post. Of course, I am tempted to post all day long, but Anderson warned me I shouldn’t get carried away. He recommended no more than two posts a day, so I limit it to that. I think less is probably more where Instagram is concerned. These days people seem to want to show every little thing about themselves, where is the fun in that? There is nothing wrong with a little mystery, is there?"


And while Vanderbilt is growing her followers at a rapid tick, she in turn follows just 16 people, an elite group, which includes Cher, Bette Midler, Mia Farrow, and of course, her son Anderson.

Is there anything more divine than #Fortuny? Another photoshoot with #RichardAvedon. Feels like yesterday

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"Now that I am on Instagram I can follow him and see what he is up to when he is on the road," Vanderbilt said. "He travels so much and it’s great fun to see him post things with Andy Cohen, and his partner, Benjamin. It’s like taking a trip with them without ever having to leave home. They were in Myanmar over Christmas and seeing their photos made me feel like I was right along with them. Who could ask for anything more?"

For more from Gloria Vanderbilt, follow her personal account @gloriavanderbilt and her art studio, @gloriavanderbiltstudio.

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