13 Rare Photos of a Dressed-Down Marilyn Monroe
Whether she's in sweats or a bikini top.

Marilyn Monroe may be synonymous with Old Hollywood glamour, but she—like us the millisecond we get home every night—enjoyed dressing down. While she was still every bit the movie star in her day off attire (it is Marilyn, after all), she looked as cozy as all of us are right now in our days-old Christmas pajamas.

1951: In a potato sack, literally.

1951: In a house robe.

1952: In a striped bandana.

1953: In a turtleneck and slim-fit pants.

1954: In a striped turtleneck dress.

1954: In an oversized shirt.

1954: In a sweater and striped pants.

1955: In a sleeveless turtleneck.

1955: In a gown and gloves.

1955: In a terry-cloth robe.

1955: In a collared shirt and rolled-up pants.

1955: In a sleeveless turtleneck and plaid pants.

1960: In a bikini top and sweatpants.

From: Marie Claire

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