Why You Should Go Organic for Your Nail Care Routine
Many non-organic nail polish brands contain formaldehyde, commonly used to preserve corpses, which kills your nails.
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Beauty products have been taking the organic route lately. Chemical-free, natural makeup brands have been around for a while, but organic nail care has been left out of most of the conversation. “When you say nail polish is organic, it doesn’t mean that it is zero percent chemical-free. It may just be 90 percent organic material, which is good enough,” says Monica Hing, owner of Organail Nail Lounge and Spa, the only all-organic nail salon in the metro. The cause behind her all-natural concept roots itself in the harmful toxins we expose ourselves to with regular nail care routines.

The biggest upside of going organic with nail care? According to Hing, all her products, including the gel polish and nail extensions are free from five major chemicals used in the usual lineup at your regular nail salon: Formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde resin, and camphor. Formaldehyde, commonly used to preserve corpses, slowly damages and ultimately kills your nails, she says. These chemicals mainly cause your nails to become brittle and discolored, and they tend to linger in your system to cause disease and internal toxicity in the long run. Also, the chemicals aren't exactly environment-friendly.

The Organail staff also advises women to stop nail-biting and chipping off their polish. Aside from it being unsanitary, biting your nails may also stunt nail growth. Meanwhile, women who take off their nail polish or gel polish on their own scratches and damages the topmost layer of the nail. Have gel polish taken off professionally and have your manicurist use an organic nail polish remover that isn’t pure acetone.

The selection of organic nail colors available at Organail

Organail promotes natural nail lacquers that both strengthen and nourish your nails. And brands such as Zoya, Spa Ritual, and Bio Seaweed Gel, are scratch resistant and waterproof. The recommended users? Everyone, including pregnant women and children from the age of six and up. They're that harmless.

The nail lounge covers pretty much all your concerns. They’ve even taken to using LED lamps when applying gel nail polish since UV lamps emit a light harmful to the skin.

The nail lounge 

The nail lounge owner realizes the stigma that comes with the term "organic." Many women assume it is more expensive, but she says her nail salon is just as accessible with price points at par with other premium nail salons. Customers come back for the impeccable service and the membership kit that allows loyal clients to keep a set of their own tools at the lounge. Customers also avail of the relaxing foot scrubs and up-to-date nail extension services that are—you’ve guessed it—organic, too. Organail Organic Nail Lounge and Spa, Shaw Boulevard, 721.7628.

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