This Skincare Line Tackles All Four Kinds of Wrinkles
Where to find these "wrinkle relaxers."

Four types of wrinkles appear as we age: fine lines; static wrinkles accumulated during sleep; dynamic wrinkles accumulated from facial expressions and movements such as smiles and laughter; and finally, the nasolabial lines that appear from the bottom of the nose to corners of the lips, which are the most difficult to treat. The wrinkle-reducing benefits of applying peptide-rich products on aging skin are widely known, but we rarely get to discuss a specialized kind—neuropeptides. These function in the neural tissues, responsible for communicating chemical signals to the brain for the various systems in the body to work. In the skin, they’re basically part of the signaling network that triggers the body to produce what it needs, whether healing, rejuvenation, or more collagen. They can also block nerve communication so that wrinkle formation due to laughing and other facial expressions are restricted (similar to Botox), earning neuropeptides the name “wrinkle relaxers.” As we age, the body’s repair functions slow down, making us more prone to skin problems.

One of the more popular skincare brands pushing the power of polypeptides is Perricone MD. Its Neuropeptide Face Activator (P4,850) is a liquid prep to be applied over the face and neck twice a day. This intensive treatment reactivates the skin’s network of cells to trigger collagen production, healing, and youthful regeneration. Infused with the brand’s patented DMAE, a molecule that is proven to slow down the skin’s pigment production and reduce dark spots due to aging, the serum gives an immediate feeling of skin firming and long-term cellular repair. It is best used with the new Neuropeptide Night Cream (P11,550), which features six chains of peptides. At daytime, protect your skin from the sun and other external aggressors with the Face Finishing Moisturizing Tint (P3,450), which works with the face activator and night cream. Light-weight, oil-free, and translucent, it works as a great makeup base while delivering anti-aging benefits with alpha lipoic acid and brightening the face with vitamin C.

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Perricone MD Neuropeptide Night Cream

Perricone MD Neuropeptide Face Activator

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint

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