The Verdict On Diet Delivery Services
Having a food delivery service do the shopping, cooking, and calorie-counting will always be the easiest way to jumpstart a healthy diet. But the quality and taste of your meals are what will make you stick to it.

I once enrolled myself in a four-week diet meal delivery service—paid for in advance—and by the third day I was practically forcing myself to eat another dressing-drizzled lettuce meal (I can’t even call it a proper salad) for lunch.  By day four, everything just tasted the same—sad and bland. The next seven days dragged by with me picking out just one meal I would eat from every packed set and buying fast food for the rest. By the 10th day, I called another delivery service, Fit Food Manila, and I was glad I did.

It offered the most delicious calorie-counted meals with no repeats for at least a month, a more realistic and effective way to lose weight and eat better, and very reliable customer service with a team that takes calls and replies to messages even after office hours. They even accommodate meal plan requests from those with food allergies or health restrictions. Meals are delivered straight to your home five days a week. The idea is to keep the weekends “diet-free,” as this is when most of us usually eat out with friends and family. In the nearly three months that I’ve been on it, I gradually lost 10 pounds even if I felt like I was eating everything—my meals included pork, beef, fish, and vegetable dishes, and even sweets. Everything is portion-controlled and features healthier alternatives to what I usually ate, eliminating most simple carbohydrates and replacing them with whole foods and more natural complex carbs like grains, black rice, vegetables, and fruits.

Fish fillet cordon bleu with red rice and crabstick and mango salad with honey lemon dressing

Fit Food Manila was founded in 2014 by 31-year-old Ryan Serrano, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, who loves cooking as much as eating. “I love to eat good food; I like to cook and experiment with new dishes. I travel around the world to try out new restaurants and I enjoy all cuisines,” he says.

This passion is seen in the taste and quality of the food clients receive. Every packed meal is indeed a labor of love. Fit Food Manila serves hundreds of clients every week, and recently launched Fit Food Cebu and a new line called Fit Heart Manila, which serves those who want to lower cholesterol levels and are more prone to heart disease with meals low in saturated fat and sodium and high in fiber and good cholesterol. P2,100/five days (1,200 calories
daily), 0917.724.0222;


Calamares in salted egg sauce and chicken chow fan

Ryan Serrano answers some of our questions about Fit Food Manila's menus and services.

What makes Fit Food Manila different from other diet delivery services?

Many of our clients tell us that after they have tried Fit Food Manila, they regret ever ordering from other diet food deliveries. I feel these are the reasons: We put very high importance in quality. We screen our suppliers to make sure we get the freshest ingredients. We get vegetables directly from farmers which make them two days fresher than those in the supermarket. We use organic meats whenever available. We spend weekends visiting suppliers and potential suppliers to make sure their standards for sanitation pass our own standards. We understand the value of good taste.

How do you make your menu more diverse?

We have 475 unique calorie-counted dishes on rotation and we try to add more regularly so that those who are with us on a long-term basis are satisfied with new dishes. Both our chefs have experience in restaurants and hotels in the Philippines and overseas, and were selected from a pool of more than 50 applicants screened through interviews and cook-offs. We hold menu development sessions monthly where our chefs and nutritionists propose new menu items that are tasted by a panel. If it’s not good enough for them, we don’t include it. We supervise production every day. We have culinary consultants who give us weekly reports to help ensure that food quality is maintained.

Why are more Filipinos trying out diet delivery services?

I understood that Filipinos want to live healthier lifestyles. However, given their fast-paced lives, it becomes so easy to just order restaurant food, or worse, fast food. Even those who have helpers to cook their own meals might not have the time to research how many calories are in each ingredient of the meal, and how big a serving they should consume. Seeing this unserved need for the service and the information inspired me to help people reach their fitness goals.”

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