9 Sunscreens for People Who Hate Sunscreen
The best ones aren’t sticky and oily.

There are two main causes of skin aging: gravity and the sun. Your lifting cream’s got gravity covered, but what about your sun protection? With various formulations now on the market, there really is no excuse to skip the SPF.

A recent trip to the dermatologist revealed that our dark spots may also have been caused by the various kinds of heat and light we encounter every day—from our computer monitor, the fluorescent bulb at work, and even the stove when we fry food. When the skin detects those kinds of aggravation, it produces melanin, which causes discoloration over time. Thus the importance of taking some sort of protection even when indoors. Our solution, sunscreen pills with lots of antioxidants and plant extracts that help the skin protect and heal itself from within. Heliocare’s Ultra-D capsules contain a special fern extract that has been tested to help repair DNA damage, photoaging, wrinkles, and even sunburn. At leading dermatologists.

Neither moisturizing nor drying, gel sunscreens were brought about to tackle oily or acne-prone skin. In the same way that anti-aging products in gel formulas apply light and nongreasy, most gel sunscreens apply without the sticky white residue common to many sunblock formulations. Heliocare’s Advanced Gel SPF50 is a good fit for daily use, infused with fern and green tea extracts that provide extra sun protection and other natural ingredients that repair skin damage as well.

If you have dry, bumpy, or flaky skin, choose sunscreens with moisturizing ingredients like aloe or glycerin. M.A.C’s Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula SPF30 infused with vitamin C and other antioxidants could be the best substitute for your day cream if you don’t want to put on too many layers. It works as a moisturizing, anti-aging, and brightening cream with a very light consistency, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Instead of making the skin seem greasy, it gives it a healthy glow. But if you’re not up to the shine, you can easily top it off with your usual foundation or powder. Rustan’s Makati, 813.3739.

Mineral sunscreen is the ideal formula for those with sensitive skin, rosacea, and even acne (depending on the sunscreen’s texture). Look for organic formulations that are chemical-free and noncomedogenic. This sport sunblock by Juice Beauty comes with more than SPF30, it also blends organic jojoba and aloe with vitamins and antioxidants for those who frequent the outdoors. Its thick water-resistant texture makes it a better pick for the body rather than the face, and is a great option for those who swim and do outdoor sports. Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5.


Water- and sweat-proof, sheer, ultra light, noncomedogenic, paraben- and oil-free, and applies matte and dry, Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF50 is a dream. It works great on both face and body, and while at first, it seems opaque and white, it disappears quickly upon application. Its patented HelioPlex formula provides stable and broad-spectrum sun protection, which means it doesn’t only protect, it also repairs damage. At leading department stores and drugstores.

BB creams and CC creams are do-it-all balms providing not only sun protection, but coverage, even skin tone, and moisturization. But not all beauty balms and color correct creams are created equal. Pick formulations with oil-absorbing or acne- fighting ingredients like salicylic acid for sensitive or oily skin or look for the words hydrating or moisturizing for dry to normal skin. Bobbi Brown’s CC Cream SPF35 is an all-in-one treatment, moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen that provides sheer coverage, a soft glow, and potent protection. Rustan’s Makati, 813.3739.

Thin and clear sunscreens in aerosol cans allow easy and even application all over the body. Continuous sprays work best for quick touch-ups after swimming or a game under the sun. Our pick, Ocean Potion’s new Sport SPF30 Sun Protection Spray, which features a formula that provides sun protection even when applied to wet skin. Rustan’s Makati, 813.3739.

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