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Photos of a Young and Dashing Justin Trudeau Are Circulating the Internet
Justin Trudeau is the hero 2017 needs.

Justin Trudeau—lovable feminist Canadian prime minister—has officially been promoted to the world's honorary boyfriend. Lately, the Internet's been abuzz from the introduction of Trudeau's alter-ego, Young Trudeau, who looks like he stepped right out of the pages of a romance novel, and it's time to take a walk with him down memory lane.

Young Trudeau was a free spirit who made the case for sexy zip-up turtlenecks.

A man who unbridled both his passions and his flannel vests.

His long, flowy locks were the stuff of angels.

Quite the trendsetter, he also seemed to say, "Don't be afraid to wear a statement necklace."

"--With your puffer vest."

Young Trudeau was very much into boxing.

And finally, the time he became a man and wore this outfit to his wedding. The end.

From: Marie Claire

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