Prince William Had the Most Heartwarming Encounter With a 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient
But she said he's way too old for her to marry. Ouch!

Lots of little girls have a "princess phase," where all they want to do is live in a castle and wear a tiara. But for one 6-year-old, that princess phase does not include marrying the future King of England.

Prince William paid a visit to Royal Marsden's Sutton hospital on Tuesday to meet children in the cancer unit. The Duke of Cambridge has been the president of the hospital for 10 years, and made the rounds as a radiotherapy aide.

And when he met Daisy Wood, she was watching a movie about princesses right when he walked in. William put her name tag on, but it seems like she wasn't too impressed. "He's too old for me to marry," she told reporters, according to People.

While at the hospital, Prince William met with play specialists, who were helping four young patients and their family with some arts and crafts.

That included meeting with 4-year-old Zak, a fan of the royal family who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. "We were talking about George, and William said George was noisy and charging around the place," Zak's mother told the press. "And Charlotte has recently had her birthday, so Zak said happy birthday to Charlotte. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Zak."

"It's particularly nice he's come around," Daisy's father told journalists, according to E! News. "It shows he's interested in the Royal Marsden and the patients—it gives a boost to everyone. "And being a dad with two young children, you can see how he relates very well to the children."

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