6 Rumored Prince Charles Affairs and Flings
He allegedly had a relationship with Barbra Streisand, but could she just be the tip of the iceberg?

Though they actively deny it, Prince Charles is rumored to have been with dozens of women before, during, and after his marriage to Princess Diana.

Barbra Streisand

A book published last year claims that His Royal Highness has had a massive crush on Barbra Streisand since his college days, when her poster covered the wall of his college dorm at Cambridge University. But could the crush have been more than just a passing interest? According to the author, after a visit to the set of Funny Girl in 1974, the Prince stayed in touch, and they met up in L.A. during his marriage to Diana 20 years later. When asked by Inside Edition if Charles had an affair with Barbra, the author claimed, "Yes, indeed, something was going on," fueling speculation. Barbra Streisand's publicist was unavailable for comment.


Camilla Parker-Bowles

Several sources say the young Camilla Shand was dying for the Prince to propose when they dated in the early 70s, but he seemed more preoccupied with weighing his options. So while he was off on military duty, she accepted another offer, and married boyfriend Andrew Parker-Bowles. Over the next 30 years, Charles and Camilla would both stray from their marriages and make tabloid headlines, shocking everyone with their embarrassing 1992 "Camillagate" phone sex leak, where Prince Charles made some intimate references to wishing he "lived in her knickers." Divorces were in the works not long after.


Dale "Kanga" Tryon

The fact that the Prince counted Lord Anthony Tryon a close friend and inner circle confidant didn't shield him from rumors that he carried on a long-term affair with the Lord's glamorous fashion designer wife. Some sources reported that Prince Charles has even called her "the only woman who ever understood me." But that was never substantiated, and Tryon was careful to publicly deny any saucy rumors—especially considering his romance with Camilla played out around the same time.


Susan George

An actress and Arabian horse dealer, Susan George (later Susan Corkindale) was hotly sought after on the social scene after after her raw performance—and topless scene—in the 1971 film Straw Dogs. As her acting star rose over the seventies, she met the Prince for intimate dinners before she met her long-time husband, say his unauthorized biographers. She called him a "special individual" in the Daily Mail but denied any romantic involvement.



Sabrina Guinness

The wealthy heiress was no stranger to celeb hookups. Her previous rumored flings with Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, and Jack Nicholson are said to have aggravated the Queen, and stamped out her short-lived romance with the Prince in 1979. Things are said to have fizzled out after a blowout on the way to an event at Balmoral Castle, but her love life hasn't exactly been dull since. Before she married in 2013, gossip columnists wondered if a fling with Sir Paul McCartney was among her romantic adventures. Both Guinness and McCartney denied the affair.


Lady Jane Wellesley

The strong-willed, independent aristocrat was thought to have had a courtship with the Prince of Wales in her early twenties, involving secret sleepovers in her tiny suburban house. Paparazzi descended everywhere at the time, expecting an imminent proposal, but The Lady wasn't having it. She's denied anything other than friendship with the Prince, and her reported quote, later, would be legendary: "Do you honestly believe I want to be the Queen?"

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