Le Bernardin Named #1 Restaurant in the United States
The New York City temple to French cuisine was also ranked number two in the world.

Le Bernardin, the French seafood restaurant in New York City, has been dubbed the best in the United States and the number two restaurant in the world.

La Liste, a French ranking of 1,000 restaurants based on online and print reviews, made the call in its latest roster, out Monday (the New York Post got an advance look and first reported the news.)

The French ranking is based off print and online reviews from 400 sources as diverse as the Michelin Guide and Yelp.

"I'm so proud of our team and can't wait to share the news with them," chef and co-owner √Čric Ripert told the Post.

Guy Savoy in Paris was named number one in the world, and Le Bernardin shares the number two ranking with Kyo Aji in Tokyo.

A photo posted by Le Bernardin (@lebernardinny) on

A photo posted by Le Bernardin (@lebernardinny) on

A photo posted by Le Bernardin (@lebernardinny) on

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