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Filipino Food Among Fancy Food Trends of 2017, Says Bloomberg
Plus other unexpected food trends to try this year.

Filipino food is no longer in the shadows of its popular cousins Chinese and Thai in the international scene. The rich fusion of Spanish and provincial flavors is finally firmly in the spotlight of the food world.

Late last year, popular dishes of Philippine provinces such as Bicol and Pampanga rose to fame among foodies of New York, Washington, and Miami with trendy Filipino restaurants making a mark in the cities' dining scenes. This year, our local fare, from seafood to pork adobo, is predicted to make it big internationally by Bloomberg, mentioning "The Explosion of Filipino Food" in its list of "11 Fancy Food Trends You'll Face in 2017." 

Bad Saint in Washington, D.C.

This tiny restaurant is not only known for its laing, kinilaw, ukoy, and bilo-bilo; long queues have been its call to fame. Curious visitors and repeat patrons line up outside the restaurant sometimes as early as two hours before it opens.

Talde Miami Beach

Pork adobo tamale is the star of Talde Miami Beach’s Pan-Asian menu. Never underestimate the versatility of the adobo flavor—the soy sauce-infused meat simmered with garlic, vinegar, and pepper is easily enhanced by spices. This version adds exciting flavors such as crème fraiche, pickled red onions, and red sauce.

Maharlika in New York

Kare-kare and sizzling sisig are the divisive bad boys of Filipino cuisine. Blame it on the secret ingredients (clue: animal parts). But somehow Maharlika takes both to a whole new gastronomic level enough one for them to land on the top recommendation sections of food reviews. 

Filipino cuisine is not the only considerably exotic entry in Bloomberg’s 2017 food trend predictions. Charcoal is predicted to make its way to more drink recipes (think juices with rose syrup and lemon that are served black and cold) and cereal is seen as the new fastfood, among others. 

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