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A life well-lived is all about what you make it.
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I have been waiting for this day for five years. Maybe a little longer but who’s really counting? From the moment I began writing for Town&Country Philippines in 2011, I knew that one day we would be able to deliver all of our delicious and robust content to a wider audience, and today is that daybecause today, we bring our Town&Country story online.

We have filled our website with so much of what all of you want to devour daily. For those of you who read our magazine regularly, you will see that we have breathed new life into many features that have been published in print over the past few years, but most of what you will find here online is new. From fashion and beauty,  to where to dine and drink , and new ideas to explore in  travel, art, and design, delivers in spades. It is so much more than an extension of our magazine, it is an extension of ourselveswho we are and how we live life at its best, every day and always.

A life well-lived is all about what you make it, and I have  been blessed with a charmed one that has certainly peaked over the past five years as I embarked on my journey as the lifestyle editor of my favorite local luxury publication to the executive editor of just about everyone’s favorite Philippine luxury publication. 

Join me every week as that journey continues and read what I’ve been up to here at The Charmed Life, as I share all that I eat and drink, see and do. I hope to catch you here again soon, and until then a charmed life awaits us all.


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