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Rarest Strand of Golden Pearls Took 37 Years to Make
The stunning necklace is priceless.

It took 37 years for Jewelmer Joaillerie to put together a singular, spectacular strand of flawless South Sea golden pearls.

When it was done, many tears were shed at the company’s headquarters in Palawan, as the strand embodies the company’s long journey since its founding in 1979.

“This strand surpasses our highest expectations,” says Jacques Christophe Branellec, Jewelmer’s executive vice president and deputy CEO. “It’s the unfolding of a miracle.”

It takes almost five years for a pearl to emerge from its mother oyster, usually with an average size of 10 to 13 millimeters. This rare, exquisite strand is made up of flawless golden pearls in exceptional sizes of 16 to 18 millimeters. Putting together a whole necklace of matching pearls in the same shape, color, and luster took close to four decades.

The strand was named The Palawan in honor of the waters where the golden pearls were born, at the farm devoted to the Philippine national gem.

“Palawan is one of the most sensitive marine environments in the world. It’s the center of biodiversity,” says Branellec. “This is the place that bore this strand.”

Life is good.

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