Life is Good
How to Care for Hair At the End of the Earth
The product line that became our hair's ally from Antarctica to Amanpulo.

The first quarter of the year wreaked havoc on my hair. An expedition to the southern end of the earth and multiple trips to the beach exposed it to extreme temperatures, hot and cold, humid and dry, as well as exposure to the sun and sea. Then there was the coloring and the blowdrying. The works.

Enter the ever reliable Kerastase, the go-to luxury hair care brand for women the world over for almost five decades. Since each woman’s tresses are different, Kerastase offers personalized care for different types of hair.  On a recent beach trip where my hair was again exposed to the elements, I discussed my hair care routine and my concerns with a Kerastase consultant who then checked out my strands with a diagnosis camera, after which she recommended specific products and treatments.

With ten hair care ranges and over 100 products to choose from, the consultant recommended the blue Resistance Bain line, with a selection of shampoo, conditioners, and hair masks that strengthen weak, brittle hair.

Fortunately, my hair has since calmed down, and my strands have gotten stronger, softer and more manageable.

Life is good.

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